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  • Historically, small enterprises have played an important role in technological innovation, often leading to the introduction of paradigm-shifting technologies and changes in the way we live. 
  • We focus on supporting startups innovation and clean tech for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Scotland and other demonstration places around the planet.
  • Climate Innovation Hub was established to function as an integrated collaborative group, and to coordinate Climate-KIC activities for Startups and Organisations in and for the North of Scotland in cooperation with other countries
  • Climate-KIC supports its community members by providing access to an ecosystem to engage with each other, by building a network that is recognised internationally in the field of climate change innovation and by supporting its community members in identifying, developing and bringing climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies to the market.
  • The Climate Innovation Hub is an initiative led by Aurora Sustainability and supported by the International Research and Recycling Institute, along with the Glasgow School of Art Innovation School Campus in Moray. Early interest has been expressed from a range of partners including the Scottish Chambers of Commerce Aberdeen & Grampian and Elevator UK.
  • It is the first climate innovation initiative in the North of Scotland in cooperation with European Countries and Singapore.



  • Climate Innovation Hub is led by Aurora, Climate-KIC Community Member who has demonstrated achievements in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation and fills an expertise/innovation gap in a strategic area of the Community. 
  • The role of the hub is to provide incubation, capacity building services and financing entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing climate and circular economy innovative and measurable impact solutions across the key regional economic sectors of circular economy, energy, sustainable land use, tourism, food and drink and bioeconomy to address climate change challenges.
  • With Incubators and accelerators we play an important role in addressing these challenges by providing crucial support to start-ups, small firms and entrepreneurs. We reduce risk, helping entrepreneurs to transform inventions into technologies that meet societal needs. We act as local intermediary institutions, strengthening the national ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses. We facilitate linkages between entrepreneurs, other innovation actors and potential markets of suppliers and buyers, leading to the development of products that are marketable and enhance welfare. We also help entrepreneurs to connect with sources of finance, providing them with the means to innovate



  • The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide to the companies and startups work.
  • At the CHI we use the key performance indicators to measure success. 
  • A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively an organisation is meeting its objectives. We work with standards set by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, (EIT) uses KPIs to assess business and organisation's performance. All KICs must use a series of KPIs called EIT Core KPIs. The level of overall Climate-KIC funding in any given year depends in part on how the organisation performs against these KPIs.
  • We measure progress to better encapsulate societal challenge.