Grow your green business with us!

  • CIH Scotland North is establishing in the North of Scotland, Italy and Spain to provide business support to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate and clean technologies and circular economy business models. 
  • The role of the hub is to provide incubation, capacity building services and possibly financing startups based in the North and Islands of Scotland in cooperation with EU countries. Entrepreneurs and new ventures that are developing climate and circular economy innovative solutions across the key regional economic sectors of circular economy, energy, sustainable land use, tourism, food and drink and bioeconomy to address climate change challenges.


Business Support Programmes

Our Vision

  • “To be the one stop shop supporting the development of innovative, circular and climate change solutions in the North and Islands of Scotland in cooperation with EU regions”

Our Mission

  • “To provide incubation, business support, access to micro financing and awareness that empowers the private and social enterprise sectors to deliver innovative climate change solutions in the North of Scotland which are also applicable  in EU and worldwide”


Thematic Areas

The CIH Scotland North mission and goals is delivered through a range of services and programmes in four focus areas namely: 

  • rural social impact
  • renewable energy
  • food and drink, agribusiness, including water management
  • all of the above also related to the circular economy business models.

Our Core Goals

  • Providing access to flexible financing mechanisms that support entrepreneurs and new ventures at varying levels of innovation and scale
  • Building innovation capacity through the delivery of advice, mentoring and training to support the development of robust business models. 
  • Promoting collaboration between partners including the third sector, private business, academia and local authorities 
  • Identifying and unlocking new opportunities through access to information and market intelligence
  • Providing access to facilities that support business development such as co-working and networking space and support for technical development such as rapid design, adaptation, prototyping minimum viable products and services, testing and small batch manufacturing through access to high level skills.